Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First days of homeschooling

The past few days have been our first days of homeschooling. Ill be teaching our youngest 3 children at home, hopefully for their entire school years! We have 7 children in all, 3 of which are in public school and 1 who has graduated.

This year Ill be focusing the most attention on our 4 year old son, he LOVES learning and I decided not to wait until the traditional September dates to start school with him. Hes been more than eager to do everything Ive tried with him. Today he wrote his letters (ABC'S) in his write on wipe off book mostly all day. Hes VERY proud of the way he writes, and had to show me like 100 times LOL.

I will also be doing preschool activities with my soon to be 3 year old daughter, and the baby (girl) who just turned 1. She already loves coloring, and surprisingly has not eaten a crayon yet! Blocks are a huge favorite of all of them. They love being read to, so I just bought the Five in a Row books to use as part of their curriculum. We are also using the curriculum. I also plan on buying the book, teaching your child to read in 100 easy lessons.

I scored a whole box of homeschool books at the thrift store on Monday, not all for this age, but I couldnt pass them up! I also have some books coming I bought online from a friend. I want these first few months to be a very enjoyable time for them to get used to learning at home, I want it to be FUN for everyone! I really hope Daddy gets involved too.

Ill be posting about our journey here, and someday I can come back and read and remember these first days together!

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  1. Welcome to HSB! I've found several good homeschooling books at thrift stores so a whole box is quite a find!

    Tia Linschied

    Senior Editor of HSB


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