Friday, January 6, 2017

Book Review - The Beginner's Bible (Zonderkidz)

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

The Beginner's Bible isn't a new book, you may have had one for an older child in your home like we did. We remember it being a favorite with them. The original book was published back in 1989 when my oldest son was just a year old. So what is different with this Bible? To celebrate their 25th anniversary Zonderkidz has updated this new version with some beautiful 3D artwork.

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

This Bible is perfect as a read aloud for ages 4 to 6, and kids aged 6 to 8 can read the stories independently if they wish. My 18 month old daughter is a book lover and has really enjoyed story time and pointing out things she recognizes in the illustrations. My 7 year old has claimed the book as hers, and I have found her several times curled up in a blanket reading the stories on her own.

Here are a few of the new pictures included.....

The story of Creation.....
The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

Noah and the Ark
The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

Jonah and the Big Fish

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

Jesus loves the Children

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

The Christmas season was a great time to start reading from this Bible. We always try to fit in more reading time around the holidays as we enjoy a more relaxed school schedule, and a hospital stay during this time gave us an opportunity to do even more reading. We found comfort in these sweetly written stories.

Want to see a more up close look at The Beginner's Bible? Watch this Youtube video....

I like that this book is hardback and sturdy, my little book lovers aren't always so careful about where they put things away, so I choose hardback books whenever possible so they last a long time. The pages are such high quality, very thick and easy to turn without tearing.

The Beginner's Bible would make a great first Bible, or a gift for a young child. See what other homeschool families thought about The Beginner's Bible.....

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}
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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Today I married my best friend.....

I have such a wonderful story to share, but Id need a huge book to fit it all in! Ill be sharing our incredible story in pieces over the next few weeks so be sure to subscribe if you dont want to miss any part of it!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Our Family Advent This Year

 photo 20161216_150713_zpsqz09tw3f.jpg

This year we chose a different type of Advent for our family. The trend of Adult Coloring has hit this house hard this year, so when I saw the book All Is Bright written by Nancy Guthrie and illustrated by Lizzie Preston I just knew it was the perfect fit for our family!

This book combines a daily Advent reading with a daily coloring page that brings the words to life as we color it together. I'll admit we do not have the time to color every picture every day, but that's OK as I intend to use it more than one year so we can work on it some then too.

 photo 20161216_150743_zpswdh1d8h2.jpg

As each child colors a section I have them add their name and year to the page. Each year as we add to it we can see the previous coloring and remember. I also color in the book with them. 

 photo 20161216_150805_zpsnnnq7uqb.jpg

In the back of the book there are family activities to enhance the use of the book such as conversation starters, extra coloring pages, and even some ornaments and bookmarks to color that can be used as gifts or added to the tree. I plan to laminate them once we are done coloring them so they will last many years.

 photo 20161216_150849_zpsagpkmbbv.jpg

 photo 20161216_150825_zpsbaki1rqw.jpg

This book is available from many online stores including Tyndale House  where it is currently on sale. I also found it in my local Christian Bookstore if you do not want to wait on shipping. I realize its late in the season already, but the daily readings are short, so doubling or tripling the reading will catch you up quickly. 

I want to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Love FREE Ebooks? Open me!

 photo freebie_zps3usevedc.jpg

Today I'd like to share with you a wonderful free resource for free ebooks that I found while searching for adult coloring book pages. It's called Pubabook, and they offer several free ebooks in many categories including.....

You can check in each day to find the newest Books Of The Day on this page. I hope you enjoy this wonderful site! Oh and by the way, if you are really into a particular category, there are matching Facebook group links to join so you can get notified every time a new book is available. They also offer help publishing a book you may have come up with on your own!

Please make sure you check the price of the book before ordering! Prices can change at any moment on Amazon, so just be double sure.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Tale Of Two Mother's Days - Lyndie's Birth Story Part 1

 This story really begins 5 years ago, because that is when I was given a dream. In my dream I had a baby, I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl, but I knew it was mine because I was nursing it. I began to pray for this baby, so for 5 years I wanted this baby, I loved this baby, and I believed it would come. I simply didn't know when.

 After a few years I began to think that dream was just that, a dream, nothing more. I decided that I wouldn't think about babies anymore. It was just painful. My husband adamantly insisted he never wanted another baby, and month after month when a pregnancy didn't happen I just lost hope. I could never lose that feeling though that God was going to give me another baby someday.

During those years I tried to adopt my nephew, but things did not work out so he didn't come to us. Thankfully he is with a family that shares him with us though! I also tried adopting my first 4 grandchildren when they ended up in foster care. That too fell through. It was a devastating loss, but I prayed for God to be with them and give them good families to love them. God is with them and I know it!

 So then came Mothers Day 2014. I had been feeling a bit off, and was just a day late which wasn't unusual. But I had had another dream a few weeks before that gave me a renewed hope. In this dream I was walking through our yard looking around. I saw baby chicks, baby kittens, and baby piglets. Then I looked down at my own belly and there was a bump!

 A few days after this we gave away some eggs for someone to hatch and two days later they called saying they had chicks already. We didn't even know a hen had been sitting on them. They had never done that before! Our cat also gave birth to her kittens, they were not a surprise. But when our pig had piglets it was a complete surprise!

I went to church that Mothers Day, but stopped on the way home to buy a pregnancy test. How awesome would it be for God to let me know I was pregnant on Mothers day? As soon as we got home I took it. The line didn't appear right away, but it was there. In disbelief I took the second test too. Same thing. Praise God!!! I told my husband and he looked pretty shocked but told me he was happy.

It was also my Daddy's birthday (he was actually born on Mothers Day) so I called him and told him too. He was super excited, but I asked him not to spread the news just yet. After losing a baby n 2007 I know the pain of having to go back and tell people that our baby was with Jesus. I'm thankful I did that, because 3 days later our precious much wanted and prayed for baby went to be with Jesus as well.

You can imagine my pain and confusion at this point. What about all the dreams? I felt like they were God's promises to me. I had total faith that God would and could give me a baby, but this second loss threw my faith for a loop. I literally threw up my hands and asked God to please let me conceive again. I felt a peace wash over me, and although I did grieve the loss, I had hope, and I was thankful for the 3 days that I knew this sweet baby was inside me.

Fast forward 3 months.....

It was August 23rd, my second daughter's birthday.  I had been feeling so tired that week, like I was getting sick, but no sickness came. I felt guilty for not having a party for her. She was turning 10, a special birthday going into the double digits. That afternoon she begged me to take her to the store to spend her birthday money, so I did. Sometime during that trip it hit me, what if? "Buy a test!" my mind said. So after we checked her out I told her to go on to the van and Id be right there. I bought 2 more tests and prayed.

We had just upgraded to smart phones, so I decided to take a video of the test, just in case. Within seconds two DARK lines appeared. I just stared at it, with tears welling up in my eyes, afraid to blink in case it wasn't really there and it was all in my mind. But it was really there, and I was afraid to tell anyone at all.

I waited 3 days, and the symptoms I had thought was perhaps the flu increased. I thanked God for every wave of nausea, every exhausted minute when I needed to just sleep. Then I told my husband. He didn't believe me. I ran to the bathroom and took the second test, and handed it to him. Again he said he was happy and wanted the baby. He had high hopes for a boy.

And so, off we were on another adventure in pregnancy!

To read part two of this story CLICK HERE!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Pray for Don

Don is a dear family friend of ours and is in need of healing prayers! He is having heart troubles including afib and blood clots.

He is such an inspiration to those around him. As he is lying in a hospital, knowing how serious his condition is, he is praising God and shining his light onto everyone around him. What a testimony! God has more plans in store for him, I just know it.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for his healing!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We have a new student!

Introducing Lyndie Sunshine! She is the newest member of Stairsteps Academy. She just turned 18 months old and shes eager to play and learn with us every day.

I took a blogging hiatus just after finding out she was in utero, but now I'm back to continue sharing our homeschool journey with you.

I'll be sharing freebies, reviews, and who knows! There's always something going on around here.

I've missed writing, and there is a lot of catching up to do. I have been on a crazy journey of my own these past two years and I'll be sharing tidbits of that as well.

I'm excited to be back in the blogging world!