Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day 2009

We started our school year today! A little before the PS kids do, but they were so eager to get started and didnt mind a bit. This year we are using My Father's World 1st grade for Laurel and Braeden, and Lainey is continuing in the MFW preschool. Its been a bit of a challenge trying to do school with a 6 month old baby! She doesnt like being placed on the floor with toys for long, shes a bit spoiled that way, dont know how that happened LOL! Daddy is still at home for now, so he can keep her happy for a little bit.

I now see why some families have school year round. Kids do forget quite a bit over the summer. Braeden doesnt seem to have lost any of his memory except for writing a few letters. We are starting out with a review of everything though so he is picking it up quickly. Laurel has forgotten a few sounds as well, but remembers them right away when I show her one of the flash cards, she remembers the sound by seeing the coordinating picture. Even Lainey can remember the sounds by looking at those cards LOL.

After our lessons we made treasure boxes to keep our bible verses for the year in. After all God's words are our best treasure! We even made one for Lyriel

It feels like its going to be a great year, but definitely more challenging than last year. Thats OK though, we will make it just fine with God's help!

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  1. I hope I can give them some art lessons this year. I know I promised last year and never made it. I'll try to do better. Love you. MOM


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