Friday, January 7, 2011

See N Read

The See-N-Read is a simple tool that really helps with reading! You simply lay it on the page and read, that's it! See-N-Read was designed to help readers who struggle with losing their place as they read, it is really great for reading out loud. As you can see in the picture, it is made of see through flexible plastic, the "window" opening shows the line on the page you are reading clearly. The See-N-Read is helpful for people of all ages, not just kids.

My 6 year old daughter has really enjoyed using it as she reads out load to me at reading time. She stays more focused on what she is doing. My 7 year old has shown a major improvement in staying on task, and is not getting overwhelmed as easily when he looks away and then can't find his place again. He REALLY likes it! I have used it also, its a very handy little tool for sure!  We all get distracted when we read, by the pretty pictures or other people around us, or even noises outside. With See-N-Read, it is much easier to find your place again when you look back at the page. See-N-Read comes in 2 sizes, one for books, and one for larger books and documents. They also have one with the window cut out so that you can highlight or mark on the page while using it. It is called The Memory Mark series. For those of you who read a lot on the computer, there is also an eSee-N-Read! Price: $2.99 for the book size, $3.49 for the document size (pricing is the same for the original and memory mark series), $29.99 for the eSee-N-Read (for use on the computer) Come read what others thought of the See-N-Read at The Homeschool Crew Blog!

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Disclaimer ~ We received this product for review as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew in exchange for an honest review after using the product in our homeschool. The opinions here are my own and may vary from those of other reviewers. No other compensation was given.

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