Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nature Walk ~ June

Last night we took a relaxing nature walk while our dough was rising in the kitchen, here are some pictures of interesting things we found.

An animal has dug out a little den underneath this tree. The kids keep going back to see if they can see something going in there so they know what animal it is.

We haven't figured out what plant this is yet, please comment if you know! Its so pretty though :0)

Skye loved all the Tiger Lillies along the way.....

She found the tallest flower of the day!

Star loves all flowers. She dissected quite a few on her stroller tray so we could identify the parts.

A ladybug on a stick held their attention for a long time :0)

Really cool looking fungus on a stump.

Riding scooters :0)


  1. The plant with the round bally flowers is a milkweed. Just thought I'd let you know.


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