Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Stained Glass" Art

We just finished up week 3 of MFW Adventures, and this was today's activity for bible time. It also happened to be one of the extra activities for MFW K, but since it is L L Leaf week for my K'er the directions were to use a leaf instead of words inside. They all came out so pretty!

To do this, you will need...

wax paper

old crayons, various colors (except brown, doesn't look good)

colored paper, we used construction paper

an iron

newspaper or cardboard


stapler or glue

hole punch

yarn or string

First we laid out a piece of cardboard to protect the table. Then we laid out a piece of wax paper. We used a vegetable peeler to scrape off pieces of the crayons onto the wax paper. (A knife works too, an adult should do it though)

The kids cut out the letters JESUS from construction paper,  then laid the letters, and a leaf, on top of the crayon shavings. Then top it with another sheet of wax paper. Iron in quick swipes on the lowest setting, the colors just BURST! It's so cool to watch!

After they cooled I trimmed the edges. We used construction paper strips to make a frame around the edges, and stapled them in place. You could use glue if you have the patience. :0)

I used a hole punch to make two holes, and yarn to hang it. If hung in a window it looks really pretty!

This was fun :0) The book also suggested doing this at Christmas for the kids to give as gifts. What a great idea!

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  1. Looks like a simple but fun project. Love it! :O)


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