Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 2 and 3

No pictures sorry

I will post pics of all their artwork at the end of the Creation unit.

Ive never seen kids so excited to have school, they wake up ready to go, they can barely stand to eat breakfast first! Braeden is loving every part of it so far. He has picked right up on the letters and  sounds, we did a lot of that stuff last year with him but I didnt test him or anything, I wanted it to be all fun and no pressure. Part of the lesson is to use flashcards and mix them up and let them guess at what letter it is and surprisingly hes gotten them all right but 1 so far. Little b and d are easy to mix up so I expected that. Today he corrected himself with those without me telling him though!

Laurel is also surprising me, she loves art but does not have the skills for coloring and drawing that Braeden has. Hes been a natural since age 2, I just encourage her to try hard and anything she colors is just fine. She can use scissors so well! She has done all of her cutting out and for the most part stayed in the lines. This morning cutting out her numeral 3 was the hardest so far. She brought it to me twice wanting me to do it for her but I told her to just take her time and go slow and she could do it. And she did! She was so proud too, this is very encouraging for her. Shes doing OK with the letters. She is 4 though, and if all she gets this year is an introduction and a good solid start then thats fine.

Lainey has been a royal little pest though while we are doing school. She is not happy coloring a page different from theirs, she doesnt want to be quiet at all, and it kills her that they are not running around with her at the moment. She has preschool stuff to play with, loads of puzzles, you name it. Shes so used to playing with them she doesnt want to play alone I guess. I hope she gets more used to the idea that for about an hour a day they wont be able to play with her the whole time. Today we took a couple of breaks and one would play with her while the other finished up something else. Next week when we start the music introduction she will love it though, shes a singer!

Thats about it, not too exciting I know. Its raining and cold here today so no outside play. We may go to the library later if I can get my work done for today. (We have a home business)

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  1. I love reading about how things are going with you guys. I think it's so neat that your little ones are almost exactly the same ages as mine are! lol That is really neat. Our kids sound alike in so many ways too!

    I know what you mean about Lainey. Meg is the same way. But, she does have Kate to "play" with as well, so that helps somewhat. Meg has gotten more used to it, sometimes she still gets upset that she can't fully join in with us. One thing I've done sometimes, is find a short cartoon on YouTube or something (Strawberry Shortcake is her fave!) and let her sit there and watch it and have her own "special time" while we do school.

    What are you doing for music? That's something that I really want to incorporate, but haven't yet. Are you talking about those songs in the review? Or are you going to do anything extra? I want to do something extra, I'm not finding anything "music" in the other lessons, but I don't know what to do yet.

    Music and sign language were the two things I wanted to add to MFW.


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