Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of homeschool!

I was up really early this morning, I actually cleaned the kitchen and did 2 loads of laundry before the kids woke up! Wow! I made oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins, a favorite here, for their first day of school breakfast. Laurel was too excited to eat, Lainey didnt eat much, but Braeden chowed down, thats my boy!

Heres how we started our school day today.....

Everyone took their turn at the growth chart, and I marked their height.
Laurel insisted on wearing this dress today, it way to big!

See why I call them my stairsteps?

Then we read our bible story and discussed it together. In My Fathers World curriculum the first 10 days are all about creation, and what happened on each day while God created our world.
On day 1, God made the air and the earth, and said "Let there be light" and He named the light day, and the darkness night. So our lessons today were about darkness and light. Each day they color a numeral and add artwork to create a reminder of what was created each day. Im putting these in a binder so they can look back and see all they have done all year long.

Here are the kids coloring their number 1

Then they cut them out and pasted them on construction paper...

And yes they cut them out all by themselves! I was impressed!
Ive always done a lot of art with them though, guess it paid off!

Heres what Lainey colored today, not bad for a 2 year old!

Then we did our bible verse and made a page with half white and half black to represent darkness and light and glued on the verse. For some reason my camera did not take the picture of those? Ill get a picture later on though. I think Ill do those all in one post at the end of the 10 days like my friend Michelle did. Shes so smart!

Then we used our alphabet chart and sang the alphabet song slowly while following along with their finger. We then used the A and B flashcards to go over those 2 letters for the day.

By this time they were losing interest so we took a break. We had a special snack of oreos and milk. The oreos was another idea I gleaned from Michelle, the cookie represents darkness and the filling represents light. They loved showing off their light to daddy!

Mmmm light is yummy!

My silly sweet boy!

Eating like a little lady in her playsilk cape!

Do you think he likes this snack or what?

Its been an awesome day! I dont know what I was so nervous about, we just jumped right in and it was all good. I just had to get started :)

Thank you to everyone out there who has encouraged me, thanks to God for allowing me the  blessing of being able to do this for my children and for Him.  I cant wait to do it again tomorrow!

One last thing I want to mention, as I am sitting here typing this out, Ive been feeling my baby move inside me  for one of the first times!  Ive felt a slight movement a couple of times before but nothing like this, how sweet!  Encouragement from within!!


  1. Looks like a great first day! :D The kids looked like they enjoyed themselves that is for SURE!

  2. You did an awesome job, Beth! I'm so proud of you!!

    It sure is fun, isn't it?

  3. Awww GREAT STUFF!!! :) Elzie has that same camo shirt ;) LOL.

    Looks like a great first day!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to keep reading your blog!


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