Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Tomorrow will be our official first day of homeschooling!

I told Braeden earlier today that we would be going to bed earlier so we would be good and rested for homeschool, and he cheered! This was before church this morning. Then this evening at dinnertime he didnt come down to eat so I went up to look for him and he was in his bad covered up and asleep! If you knew my Braeden you would be shocked to hear that story LOL

He is so excited and so is Laurel. She is still all bright eyed sitting by me as I type this, at 11 PM, so much for early bedtime for us huh?

I just had to share the little story, keep us in your prayers as we start our homeschooling journey. Ill be posting pictures and updates as time allows. You all know how crazy my life can get over here!

Here are our homeschool ID cards for the year...........enjoy!

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