Saturday, October 4, 2008

Apple Week

This week has been such fun! On Monday I introduced the new letter for the week, A, and they both already knew the sound. That made it easier for them. I got out the alphabet flashcards and Braeden said he wanted to try saying his letter sounds by himself so I said go right ahead. I was so surprised, he got every one right except for X, but who uses that letter much anyhow? LOL Im so impressed by his progress in such a short time! He really was ready for this, and he is loving it! Laurel then sais she wanted to try also, she knew quite a few, but needed help with most. That real progress for her too, they are truly learning at home! I had to show my doubting husband this!! He couldnt hide his surprise, hes so proud of them. It was a wonderful moment for all of us.

Laurel liked writing her A's, they both did awesome with their worksheets this week. Lainey even tries to sing along with the ABC cards with us. She has picked up a few by heart as well.

We are in our new classroom finally! I will post some pictures at the end :) It is so nice to have one place to keep everything, instead of here and there around the house. We do not always have school time in there but I can find what I need quickly, and I can also lock out the 2 year old when she tries to invade and destroy the room when we arent in there. The kids know this is THEIR room, they are free to use the art supplies as long as they put them away when they are done and try to keep baby sissy from getting the really messy things like paint. They come find me real quick to get her out haha.

We have already made applesauce several times this year, and canned it, so we didnt do it again this week as the curriculum called for. We always have apples on hand, we also had red pears to compare tastes to, made a great snacktime! We made a craft on Friday by tracing their hands, cutting them out, and using it for a tree trunk. We added leaves and a little bird and glued on a poem included in the teacher book. We were supposed to dip fingers in red pain for the apples but I didnt have any so we will add that later. They enjoyed this too, and we have them on the walls now of our class. People coming to visit can see we do something around here LOL!

OK here are some pictures, enough of my endless chatter :)

Now keep in mind the walls never got painted.....

Heres their work table and a big fabric map I found at walmart years ago.

My desk, storage wardrobe, and chalkboard which fell apart. See the ugly hole we had to make in the wall to fix the chimney? Yeah thats getting fixed soon I swear!

Bookshelves which are hiding the spare bed in case of company. Bin full of fun stuff :) and the art cart. And a pretty new window!

Another bookshelf and Laineys table. The play dough table is hiding in there too and another big easel my Mom made my older kids like 15 years ago.

Heres the craft we did using their hand tracings, I only included one since they were all basically the same. This is Braeden's hand.....I used a stencil for the bird, I couldnt freehand one that looked right.

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