Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Butterfly Garden

As part of our curriculum this year we had a butterfly garden. We decided to wait till a little later to actually get the caterpillars so it would be warm enough to let them free outside after they changed into butterflies. The caterpillars arrived in the mail in a small box. Inside was a little plastic tub with 5 caterpillars and their food inside. They were pretty small when they arrived, but boy did they grow fast! The kids were amazed and wanted to look at them several times a day to see if they grew or not. A few days after they arrived they began to go into their crysalis stage. The kids liked learning about the life cycles of butterflies, and we read The Hungry Caterpillar book over and over. Lyriel wore her Hungry Caterpillar outfits too just for fun! Here are some pictures of the butterflies after they changed!

All 5 caterpillars lived to be butterflies, can you see all of them? They are hard to see!

Watching as one of the butterflies prepares to fly away and be free!

A close up of a butterfly with its wings spread...

I wanna taste one!

My camera wasnt fast enough to catch one in flight. The pictures I took of the caterpillars and crysalis were mysteriously deleted from my camera

If you now want to get one of these and raise a butterfly garden in your home heres where to get one
They have many other types of insect kits too! Id like to try the praying mantis kit next

I hope you enjoyed seeing our pictures!

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