Monday, February 15, 2010


I know, everybody in the world has made a volcano from clay or something and made it erupt right? Well actually, I never had. The four little ones never had either. So when our science topic today was about volcanoes I thought we should give it a try!  It was the perfect time since two of my older boys were here today and they could help,  they had done it before. We decided to use play doh for the volcano.....

The kids had a blast decorating it and making a scene around it.....they are waiting patiently to see the action!

Legos are soooo useful! By the way, the girls' curly hair was another experiment from Saturday night. Its usually bone straight.

Baby wants to get hold of that!

Woohoo there it goes!

We did it again, it worked better this time!

Poor Lizard!!

Not too smart of that lego man was it?

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  1. That turned out great! I have never done it either. I should try it with the kids sometime. I loved all the animals and your commentary. LOL


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