Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Review for Download and Go ~ Australia

We recently got a chance to try out the Download and Go series of E-Books from The Old Schoolhouse store. The unit we got was all about Australia, and was written by Amanda Bennett.  I have always wanted to visit Australia, and I actually have an uncle who is from there. Its one of the few places my husband has never been to during his Navy career.

Ages: Kindergarten through 4th grade, but my 3 year old really enjoyed doing this although she could not do certain things like write words.
Cost: $7.95 per unit. There are also discounts available by buying bundles.

Supplies Needed: A file folder, scissors,  glue, stapler, brass brads, a printer and paper. Also access to the internet.

I loved this and so did the kids!  (They are ages 6, 5, and 3) Let me tell you why...

I am a busy Mom, as we all are, but on top of all the mothering duties I also run a business from home, and homeschool of course. With these unit studies everything was already done for me! All I had to do was print out the pages, help a little  so they knew what they were doing when, and the result was a nice little folder full of information and fun about Australia.

The kids enjoyed all the cutting and gluing, they are very artsy kinda kids! Each one ended up with a different looking folder because they could do it the way they wanted to.

Also included are lots of links to check out and learn even more. There are lists of great books to check out at the library and have on hand in a "book basket"  so after the lesson for the day was done the kids could look at the books also.

Each unit is designed to last one week, but you could easily extend them longer with all of the information given. If you like using lapbooks or file folders you will really like these studies.

I also liked the fact that you could print out just what you need, or want, to use in your file folder. We only have a black and white laser printer here, so some of the colorful pictures wouldnt have looked so nice if we had used them. We picked ones the kids could color themselves, or did not need color added, such as the maps.  There is also added value to these units because you can use them again with other children later on!

You can personalize the project and really make it your own!

I am having a hard time uploading a picture with the new format here, I will try again later to add one. I hope everyone who reads this is having a blessed day!

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  1. This is the second positive review I've seen about Amanda Bennett's Download and Go series! I really need to take a look at this!
    These just might be great add-ons to what we are doing this summer :)!
    Thank you!


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