Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eternal Encouragement Magazine

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

I can remember being asked that question a lot when I was a little girl.  I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be a mommy.  That wasn't the answer most people wanted to hear then, and even today it still isn't.

God has richly blessed me with children! My life is full and complete because of my family. I give up a lot of my own "wants" to be everything I can for them, and I am OK with that. Some days though, it feels like I am alone, like there are no other moms out there like me.

It's easy to look at other moms and think that they have it all together, that their life must be better, or happier, for whatever reason. Its hard not to compare. Sometimes those feelings leave me feeling down, or feeling like I am not good enough, or don't do enough. I sometimes feel like I am unworthy.

What I really need right then is some encouragement. Of course I lean on the Lord for this, and He has helped me through so many rough times in my life. I am so thankful for a God who cares for me so much, just a little ol' mom!

After I have talked with my Savior I always feel so much better. I go to Him first! Then when I also need to hear some words of encouragement from other moms like me (YES! They do exist!) I turn to Eternal Encouragement Magazine.

I have been a subscriber for about 2 years now, and this magazine has never failed to bring me the much needed advice and friendly articles I need to read. The name is new (it was formerly called TEACH magazine) but the content is the same. It is written by moms out there in the real world, with the same struggles, needs, and desires to have a loving relationship with God and to be the best wife and mother that we can.

It is written just for you! (and me!)

It is sometimes hard for me to spend money on myself. I always rationalize that someone else in the house needs something more than me. Eternal Encouragement magazine is such a help to me though, I feel like it is an investment  in my whole family, not just myself.

I wish I had this magazine many years ago!

I really LOVE the new compact size! It's much easier to read one handed. It fits right in my purse/ diaper bag too.

Ready to subscribe? Great! Click on over to and order online. Its quick and easy! Choose from a print subscription starting at $25.97 per year, or an electronic downloadable edition starting at $14.97 per year. Canadian and International moms can subscribe too! All new subscriptions include the current issue as a download, so you can start enjoying it right away, PLUS the brand new e-book "King of our Castle". If you subscribe for 2 years you also get the popular "Family Fun Night" mini bundle.

May God bless and encourage you always!

Disclaimer ~ I received this product for honest review from Eternal Encouragement Magazine (although I was already a subscriber) as a part of The Gabby Moms blogging program. All opinions expressed are solely my own.



  1. Oh I love that magazine too.

    Brandy aka Lil' Momma
    Living in a busy life homeschooling and working part time.

  2. I like that you were already a subscriber so you can give the viewpoint of before and now. NICE
    fellow Gabby Mom

  3. Nice job on your review. This was the first issue I have read and really enjoyed it.

  4. I'll have to check that magazine out. It sounds great!

  5. Beautiful review you wrote here. It's great that you've already been a subscriber for two years.

    Take care and God bless you!

    Michelle Padrelanan

  6. When I was in high school the counselors kept asking me what I wanted to do when I was grown up. I kept telling them that I wanted to be a housewife and mom. They didn't like that answer either. lol

  7. Love the review! I also wish that I had this magazine years ago, when I was a new wife, and then a new Mama! I like the viewpoint from you already being a subscriber!

    Britni - A Gabby Mom


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