Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yesterday's Classics

What homeschool mom doesn't get excited about having a lot of books in her house? We shop used book shops, library sales, thrift stores, online trading and used book sites all the time. It can be hard to find good books in this day and age, that have values and morals in them. The books of yesteryear had a lot more to choose from. This is why I LOVE Yesterday's Classics!

I had a couple of Yesterday's Classics books in our library already, so I knew they were high quality books that my kids and I like. To buy all of the books they offer it would cost $2495.75. Ouch, yeah that wasnt going to happen anytime soon. My bookshelves are already overflowing anyhow, to have these books in digital format is a real blessing!

They have taken 225 great classic books that were published long ago and formatted them to be read on your kindle or other e-reader device. If you do not have an e-reader yet, you can still read them on your computer. I didn't own an e-reader device, so I downloaded a free kindle app from so I could read them on my computer.

I will be honest though, being limited to reading from the computer was frustrating for me. I'd much rather lay outside in the sun or relax in bed at night with the kids and read. So we splurged and bought a kindle. It was worth it! Of course there are many other e-reader devices out there, we chose the kindle simply because someone we knew already had one and they liked it.

Right now, until the end of May, you can get all 225 of the great books they offer for just $99.95, about .45 cents per book! That is cheaper than most sales I have ever been to! Click here to see a list of all the great books you get with this special deal! I LOVED how quickly I was able to download them and start using them right away. No stalking the poor mailman! HEHE

Let me also add that if you simply hate ebooks and would rather have a real book instead, you can also purchase paperback versions from Yesterday's Classics as well.

Without Digital Rights Management (DRM) you can put these books on as many devices as you own! You can download The Dutch Twins to see how it will look on your computer or e-reader device. Click here and scroll down to download in either EPUB or KINDLE format for free.

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Disclaimer ~ We received this product in exchange for an honest review after using it in our homeschool, as a part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own and may differ from those of others.

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