Friday, May 6, 2011

Circle C Beginnings ~ Andi's Pony Trouble

It is so refreshing to find this wonderful set of stories for my beginner readers. These books were written especially for ages 6-8, which includes 2 of my kids. I read this book aloud to everyone, and it was enjoyed by all, even me! It isn't very often that I want to read more of a kid's story series, but in this case I did. This book is so well written, you could visualize each part of the story in your mind. Even without pictures it would have been wonderful, the beautiful illustrations were a bonus!

Andi is a 6 year old girl growing up on a ranch in the late 1800's. All she wants for her birthday is a horse of her very own. Andi already has a pony named Coco, that she isn't very good at taking care of. She becomes determined to prove to her family that she is ready to be responsible enough to care for a horse. Lots of troubles happen when she gets "too big for her britches" while trying to prove herself.

One thing that was very helpful in the book was a list of new words to discuss before beginning to read the book. This helped the kids a lot when we got to those words in the story that they were not familiar with. We got baby chicks to raise just before the book arrived, and chapter 3 is about Andi trying to gather eggs from the coop without breaking them while she tries to avoid the mean old rooster. It was hilarious!

Our fun and learning didn't end when the book ended, there are 20 pages worth of free educational activities to go along with each book in this series. There are also free coloring pages, and free online puzzles to complete.

Other books in the series include.....

and 2 more books are scheduled to be released on August 1st 2011

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Circle C Beginnings books were written by Susan K. Marlow and illustrated by Leslie Gammelgaard. They are available for purchase in stores across the country. Check your local bookstores, or call Kregel at 1-800-773-2607 to find a store near you. You can also visit Kregel Publications to order online. The books retail for $4.99 each.

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  1. Thanks so much for your fun review! Yes, that ch. 3 is a funny one. Not so funny in real life, however. We had a rooster that always went after our 5-year-old son. I believe he still has a scar next to his nose where that nasty bird pecked him (he now confesses as an adult that he was teasing the rooster, so serves him right, I think).
    Anyway, thanks again for your review and enjoy your day.


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