Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 2 ~ 8 Weeks to Real Foods Course


The challenge for week 2 is to eliminate refined sugars, and add natural sugars.

If you haven't heard of this course yet and want to sign up, it is FREE! You can join at anytime and within a day or so you will start getting an email each week for 8 weeks to help you make the switch to real foods! Just click over to Vintage Remedies real quick and give them your email, that's it!

What was your first reaction to what you would be eliminating for the week?

It is HARD to eliminate refined and processed sugars from your diet unless you make everything you eat from scratch. Everything. We have been on a mission to remove as much as possible the last few months however, and we have either found alternatives for a lot of foods we used to buy or we do make it ourselves. 

We have never used artificial sweeteners, BUT I love gum, and guess whats in it? Yep, artificial sweeteners. My main challenge this week was to not chew gum. My nails are chewed to bits now, LOL, but I went without it. Tomorrow is church so Im likely to have some then though. I know there are gums out there that have natural sweeteners in them, there has to be, and I will find them!


What was your first reaction to what you would be adding for the week?

I didnt have anything to add, we already use natural sweeteners here, but I had not heard of coconut sugar before. I am going to look for that to try now.


What was your plan to make the change for the week?

I planned to not eat the leftover Christmas candy lying around. But I have to admit I did eat some. Well, its been a I need chocolate kinda week! 


Were you successful in replacing your old items with Real Foods this week?

I still have not found a good alternative to my beloved gum. I did make some awesome brownies from scratch! I usually just avoid baking a lot of things because I know I will eat them. But when you NEED chocolate you just need it, I'm just sayin :0)


What were your thoughts at the end on the foods you eliminated and added for the week?

 I have to admit, the homemade chocolate brownies were much more satisfying than the leftover Christmas candies with unknown ingredients. I feel better in my own mind knowing what I have just eaten.

Did the Change affect the way you felt physically or emotionally at the end of the week?

Not really, I didn't change much.  We were already purposely avoiding the bad sugars here. I can say that back when we first began eliminating them I felt a pretty drastic change. I have not had any problems with low blood sugar now for a few months. Yes, that IS affected by eating too much sugar.

I can't wait to see what next week's challenge is!

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  1. I can totally relate to the need for chocolate, though I did manage to stay away this week. : ) I'm a BIG gum chewer too, so much so that I didn't even think abou the artificial sweetners in it, now I'm pouting a little, darn it.

    Thanks for linking up!


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