Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 1 ~ 8 Weeks to Real Foods Course


Week 1 challenge was about eliminating non-hydrating or non-nourishing drinks, and adding hydrating and nourishing drinks.

If you haven't heard of this course yet and want to sign up, it is FREE! You can join at anytime and within a day or so you will start getting an email each week for 8 weeks to help you make the switch to real foods! Just click over to Vintage Remedies real quick and give them your email, that's it!
  1. What was your first reaction to what you would be eliminating for the week?
  2. This week wasnt really a challenge for me, I only drink water and herbal tea so I dont have anything to eliminate this week.OK I do occasionally have cocoa, but I do make it myself so I know what it in it.I could easily cut that out though, it isn't something I have to have.
  3. What was your first reaction to what you would be adding for the week? N/A
  4. What was your plan to make the change for the week? N/A
  5. Were you successful in replacing your old items with Real Foods this week? N/A
  6. What were your thoughts at the end on the foods you eliminated and added for the week?N/A
  7. Did the Change affect the way you felt physically or emotionally at the end of the week? N/A

I do feel like I need to drink more, so I made that my challenge this week. How did I do? OK I guess, I do feel like I was better hydrated this week since I made a conscious effort to drink more. I did not feel thirsty, except at night. I kept a glass of water by the bed and sipped on it when needed.

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