Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 3 ~ 8 Weeks to Real Foods Course


The challenge for week 3 is to eliminate unhealthy fats and instead use healthy fats.

If you haven't heard of this course yet and want to sign up, it is FREE! You can join at anytime and within a day or so you will start getting an email each week for 8 weeks to help you make the switch to real foods! Just click over to Vintage Remedies real quick and give them your email, that's it!

What was your first reaction to what you would be eliminating for the week?
This is another area where we have already eliminated all unhealthy fats from our home cooking, and we cook 90% of everything we eat at home from scratch. I know we still need to find a better alternative to that other 10% of things we buy that are not made with healthy fats. Its on my to-do list!

What was your first reaction to what you would be adding for the week?
There wasn't really anything to add for us, we have already added healthy fats to our diet.

What was your plan to make the change for the week?
I planned on trying some new recipes I have searched out for making a few more things at home so we don't have to buy them.

Were you successful in replacing your old items with Real Foods this week?
One of the items I need to make at home are tortillas. We use these a lot, and although we do buy whole wheat ones, they do have a small amount of unhealthy fat in them. It seems super easy to make them myself, but my week wasn't exactly full of free time, so I didn't get to this yet. But I will!

What were your thoughts at the end on the foods you eliminated and added for the week?
Since we made this change earlier, and we did it gradually, it wasn't too hard. It would be very hard to do this one in just one week in my opinion! But you can do it, just take baby steps. Start with foods you love the most and find a better alternative or a recipe to make it yourself.

Did the Change affect the way you felt physically or emotionally at the end of the week?
I can honestly say that this one change alone has made me feel so much better. I now have energy I didn't have before, I still get tired and run down sometimes, don't get me wrong. It isn't a miracle overnight thing though. I felt this gradually over a few months.  I crave a lot less junk now. I still crave chocolate, but there is healthy chocolate!

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