Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Homeschool Library Builder


I ran across the Homeschool Library Builder website a couple of years ago when I was searching for a hard to find book I needed for our lessons. I have been a customer ever since. I can honestly say that the service and quality of the books I have bought in the past have far exceeded my expectations.

Homeschool Library Builder is co-owned and operated by two homeschooling families who love finding great deals on living books to pass along to their customers. The prices are always reasonable, but they also have monthly sales and specials on top of that.

Id like to tell you about their May newsletter sale going on right now which includes.....

25% off ALL ITEMS!

.....yes that's right, through May 31st every book is 25% off the already low prices they offer, PLUS a free book with a $25.00 purchase (limited quantities available), activities for May and June, FREE E-books, and an encouraging word.

Sign up for their FREE newsletter and you will know in advance of all the great sales and promotions they have going on. You never know what great books they may get in!

If you are a book addict lover like me, you will be glad to discover Homeschool Library Builder!

Since I have ordered from Homeschool Library Builder before, I will share with you some of the things I like about them...

Shipping prices are realistic- I'm willing to bet they don't profit at all from shipping costs, in fact they may lose money sometimes. I mail out plenty of books myself, trading with other people, and I can say their shipping costs are very low.

My invoices have handwritten notes on them- I feel like a valued customer because someone took the time to write "thank you" or some other heartfelt message before they mail my purchase to me.

My books are packaged well- I have never received a damaged book, they wrap them well, and even use recycled packaging! I think that is just awesome!

They answer emails!- I have had questions before, and they always answer promptly.

Descriptions are accurate- so I know what condition the book will be in when I order. They have a great book rating system in place.

The website is organized- I can search by curriculum, age, topic, subject, or even search by title or author.

They have a book rewards program!- I earn points for purchasing that I can redeem with my next order. Sweet!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Homeschool Library Builder, sign up for a FREE membership and newsletter, and LIKE them on facebook too. Sometimes they have a special just for "likers"!

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 Disclaimer ~ I was asked to review Homeschool Library Builder's website and free newsletter as a member of The Homeschool Crew. No compensation was given. The opinions expressed here are my own based on previous purchases from this website.

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