Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our cactus bloomed!

I had only seen pictures of cactus in bloom until last night. We are in WV, not many cactus are around here except as houseplants. This cactus started out as just a tiny little guy many years ago. My Dad put it in a big pot and cared for it gently and now it is huge! Last fall when my Dad decided he didn't want to drag it back into the house for the winter he gave it to us. It bloomed for him before, but this is a first for us, I was so excited to see it! I saw these come poking out a few days ago and knew it would be soon. Dad said they only bloom for a day so Ive watched it closely.

Last night at almost midnight we got home and I checked on it and found this!


 More buds are coming out of it, there will be more I hope! I just had to share, I get excited over things like this :0)

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