Monday, December 17, 2012

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Ideas

 My Mom came up with this idea. Last year she made these with the kids using burned out light bulbs, acrylic paint, and wired tinsel which we found at a dollar store for $1.00 a roll. You could also use new bulbs. We tried both frosted and clear bulbs and we preferred the frosted.


Using acrylic paint, make your design on the bulb and let dry completely. I recommend using a clear acrylic spray to keep the painting intact if you have some. We didn't use any and the paint is starting to rub off.  Wrap the wire tinsel around the ridges of the light bulb end and make a large loop to hang it from. These ornaments have been hanging from my kitchen cabinet doors for months now. Amazingly none have broken!

Be sure to add the child's name and date with a sharpie!

I found a kit for making felt Christmas ornaments a few months ago at the thrift store. I had almost forgotten about it, but saw it near my sewing area the other day when I went to sew a patch on my daughter's Cubbie vest. Although these ornaments were made using sticky back felt, it would be just as easy to use glue.


I'm sharing this because it would be so easy to create your own unique ornaments using felt or other materials you have lying around the house. I plan to try some different ideas this week with the kids. I think felt candy canes would be easy and fun, and would even make a nice gift for kids to give friends along with a copy of the candy cane story.

Felt can tear easily, to make it stronger where the hanging string is tied use some ordinary school glue and let it dry and harden before you add the string and hang it.

Using a solid piece of felt as backing makes the ornament stronger too. 


I hope you enjoy these ideas! Have a very Merry Christmas with your family!! Blessings!

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  1. Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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