Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Star!

Her birthday breakfast was an orange, her choice. She woke up bright and happy after being up several times during the night with a fever. Many people were praying for her healing, and God answered with a happy healthy birthday girl this morning! She also got a 60+ degree day in January to enjoy. Wow!

  photo 0129101717.jpg

She got to help make her birthday cake, a Skillet Cake.

 photo 0129112742.jpg


 photo 0129113636.jpg


 photo 0129113835.jpg

She got her very own ponies and a bear to dress up for her birthday presents.

 photo 0129140708.jpg

Her favorite pony, because it is orange. Her favorite color!

 photo 0129130731.jpg

A birthday card came in the mail from Paw Paw and Maw Maw. Inside was 5 dollars! She is ready for our special day out with Mommy now. Each birthday kid gets a special day out alone with Mommy for their birthday. We go to all the thrift stores, have a special lunch somewhere, and if the weather is nice go to a park.

 photo 0129140402.jpg

Four candles lit.....

 photo 0129141842.jpg

and blown out!

 photo 0129141906.jpg


 photo 0129142213.jpg

Star, you are such a blessing to our family! We thank God for giving us 4 wonderful years with you, and we pray He will give us many many more!

 photo 0129150159.jpg

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