Monday, January 28, 2013

Fairy Dolls

Over the weekend the girls and I finished making fairy dolls from kits their aunt gave them for Christmas. It actually took two weekends to do this. The first weekend, my oldest daughter was home and she helped stuff them and make the skirts. Yesterday we finished up the hair, added the jewels and the finishing touches.

 The girls insisted I share pictures after all the work we did putting these together :0)

River's Doll.....

 photo 0127154749.jpg

 photo 0127154823.jpg

 photo 0127155021.jpg

Skye's Doll.....

 photo 0127154715.jpg

 photo 0127154848.jpg

 photo 0127154951.jpg

Star's Doll.....

 photo 0127154738.jpg

 photo 0127154908.jpg

 photo 0127154927.jpg

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