Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 WV Westpoint Bridge Design Contest

Every year the WV Bridge Contest happens here in our state. This year my 15 year old son participated and he placed in the finals! He is not a homeschooler but this contest is open to homeschoolers, so if you are in WV and have kids in grades 6-12 this is worth looking into for next year!

Because he was in the top 20, we got to go to the competition held at Marshall University in Huntington WV. On the way there, we had the wonderful opportunity to take a bridge walk UNDER the New River Gorge Bridge, 850 feet above the New River, on the catwalk!

First we had to get into all the safety gear.....

 photo MayResize_235_zps1dec2294.jpg

 photo MayResize_236_zpsfc141d1a.jpg

Then we headed down the path to the bridge.....

 photo MayResize_238_zpse426d606.jpg

Everybody was hooked up to a cable, just in case.....

 photo MayResize_240_zpsc10d1889.jpg

He was really enjoying this!

 photo MayResize_260_zpsd486ed08.jpg

We were told we might see hawks come and grab one of these guys and eat em, but we didn't get to see that today.

 photo MayResize_242_zpsb1890ec9.jpg

View from behind...

 photo MayResize_241_zps62ac92e1.jpg

When you first look down you see the gorge where they cut away the rock to build the bridge.

 photo MayResize_243_zpsdce7520c.jpg

The road below...

 photo MayResize_245_zpsa46c99d7.jpg

View of the New River, the bride you see is a replica of the original bridge used to cross the gorge. That was quite a long trip!

 photo MayResize_246_zps42e88526.jpg

If you look close you can see some people in kayaks going down the river.

 photo MayResize_252_zps1ad5d684.jpg

Directly above the river.....

 photo MayResize_257_zpsed3cd266.jpg

Its always great to see evidence tape when you are out in the middle of a bridge tied to a cable isn't it?

 photo MayResize_259_zps2f748273.jpg

View of the treetops, those aren't small trees either ;)

 photo MayResize_275_zpsbed81434.jpg

Awful self portrait LOL

 photo MayResize_262_zps9c5041ae.jpg

After the walk we all went to a restaurant called Pies and Pints. They had some pretty interesting pizzas there. I should have cheated on my diet and tried some but I was good. I had some of the cheese though.

 photo MayResize_287_zpsac92531c.jpg

Then we headed for Huntington and stayed the night in a hotel. The next day the kids had their competition at Marshall University.

At the awards banquet his team, named Team Awsome (yes they spelled it that way on purpose), did not place in the top 3. They had a really great time trying however and they did great for their first year trying!

 photo MayResize_289_zps0693b7f8.jpg

He did win The Most Outstanding Student Award! How "awsome" is that?????

 photo MayResize_288_zps9b30708a.jpg

 Im so proud of him!!!

 photo MayResize_291_zpsc442c08b.jpg

This is his wonderful teacher who encouraged him to enter the contest and has supported all of her students all year long. She is one great lady! She got a nice gift card for being an outstanding teacher!

 photo MayResize_293_zpsda6fc29c.jpg

He cant wait to give it another go next year. I hope some of the local homeschool group will want to try next year too. When my homeschoolers are old enough Ill encourage them to enter!

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