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Book Review and Giveaway ~ Alone Yet Not Alone

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When I first heard about the movie coming out September 27th called Alone Yet Not Alone I was so excited about taking my kids to go see it. I was blessed to be able to review the book first! This story was written by Tracy Leininger Craven, she heard it from her grandmother after she came across the account while studying the family's genealogy. The first draft was written when she was just 9 years old!

This is a true story of the Leininger family who came to America in the 1700's so that they would be a slave to no man and be free to worship God. They are a Godly family who read the Bible together and give their children hope in God that will help them their entire lives.

Tragedy strikes the family when Delaware Indians invade their home and take the two youngest daughters, Barbara and Regina, back to their tribe and tell them they are now Indian children. Many families were torn apart during the Penn's Creek Massacre. The girls get separated from each other, but their faith remains intact. They remember the words their father read to them from the Bible, and the song their mother sang to them at night, Alone Yet Not Alone.

This is my favorite preview from the movie......

This paperback book is 148 pages long and I couldn't put it down after I started reading it. I read it all in one day. My 9 year old daughter is reading it on her own now, she comes to me and tells me about what is happening, sometimes with a question, and always wanting to discuss how she relates to the story. It was written for ages 8 and up.

There are some sad times in the book, like when the girls realize that their father and brother were killed by the Indians when they were taken. Another time a woman is burned at the stake for trying to escape. The wording is not graphic however, I felt it was appropriate for my daughter to read on her own.

The story has such a good ending, and I will not spoil that for you!If you enjoy historical fiction and family friendly entertainment you are going to love Alone Yet Not Alone!

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