Saturday, August 17, 2013

Christmas in August

We were blessed to be able to go visit my grandkids last week, its been a while since Ive seen them. We had Christmas with them, even though it is August. They even dressed up for the occasion. It was a sweet day, and I cant believe how much they have grown and changed!

River with grandbaby #4.

 photo 0808140440_zps17b6e058.jpg
River and grandbaby #1 being silly.

 photo 0808141125_zpsa6ede29d.jpg

Star holding grandbaby #5, the latest edition :)

 photo 0808140757_zpsd4c4a1a1.jpg

My oldest son (their Daddy) and youngest son with grandbaby #3.

 photo 0808141744_zps20577484.jpg

Star and grandbaby #2. These two are 6 weeks apart :)

 photo 0808142900_zps76af15b0.jpg

They just played and was hard to get good pictures with them running around so excitedly. But that means they were having fun!

 photo CameraPics1176_zps5e8357c5.jpg

 photo CameraPics1175_zps1de1f2cc.jpg

 photo CameraPics1179_zps6e26cc2b.jpg

 photo CameraPics1180_zps14bd053e.jpg

 photo CameraPics1183_zpsc44bf793.jpg

 photo CameraPics1182_zps2d42107d.jpg

 photo CameraPics1184_zpsff020eff.jpg

 photo CameraPics1185_zpse71d221e.jpg

 photo CameraPics1188_zps7d11e6ce.jpg

It warmed my heart to see my two oldest granddaughters having a tea party with their aunt Skye. Thanks be to God that we were able to visit and see everyone!

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