Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun Foto Friday ~ 8-16-13

We have had such a busy house these past few weeks! Here are some of the best pictures Ive taken lately...

Star fell in love with her aunt's very large doggie, I think he liked her too :)

 photo 0810185251_zps9ce1d394.jpg

She loves our dog, Butch, too. He turned 13 this year.

 photo 0811172627_zps87f4aead.jpg

Tommy and Braeden chillin on Paw Paw's back deck.

 photo 0810142922_zpsc301e277.jpg

Paw Paw and Star

 photo CameraPics1197_zps54213de9.jpg

River likes watermelon so much she had to use the biggest spoon she could find to eat it faster.

 photo 0810195224_zps447dad31.jpg

My 4 youngest kids making creations with bread dough.

 photo 0807151825_zps07f06f95.jpg

And last of all my hubby fulfilled his dream of having a tractor. He has been having a great time with it.

 photo 0802131234a_zps3a87cea0.jpg

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