Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homeschool Spirit Week 2013 ~ Homeschool Away From Home Day

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Our field trip today was all about local history. We got to tour this old log house built circa 1890 located in Union WV. This isn't the original location of the house, it used to sit just a few yards away. The owner was planning on burning it down so he could build apartments, but the historical society heard about it and were able to save the house and move it piece by piece to its new location.

My husband and I got to tour the house a few weeks ago during an open house event and we just knew the kids would love to come see it too. We invited all the local homeschool families too! Quite a few were able to come out today and see it.

The guide showing us the house looked pretty nervous to have so many kids in there, but nothing was broken or damaged. They behaved so well today, I hope this encourages more places to welcome homeschoolers out for an educational field trip in our area.

Unfortunately this volunteer didn't allow pictures, but I have some from the tour we took previously.

This is the fireplace in the kitchen, full of old cast iron kettles, pots, a copper kettle, and all the utensils needed to cook over an open fire. The kids thought it would be fun to cook like this. Id love to try it! But not every day. 

 photo BeachTrip444.jpg

Jugs, crocks, and other treasures on top of the mantle.

 photo BeachTrip456.jpg

More skillets and tools for fireplace cooking.

 photo BeachTrip445.jpg

Little spice boxes and a grinder all in one cute metal box!

 photo BeachTrip449.jpg

Wooden washtubs under the kitchen table.

 photo BeachTrip447.jpg

A sausage mill and old kitchen utensils.

 photo BeachTrip454.jpg

Close up of the old cookware in the fireplace, can you tell I love cast iron?

 photo BeachTrip455.jpg

Fireplace in what was probably the parlor.

 photo BeachTrip453.jpg

Corner cabinet full of old dishes.

 photo BeachTrip448.jpg

A carriage house is currently being rebuilt and this is one of the buggies we got to see when we visited without the kids. I wish they had got to see it today, perhaps next year.

 photo BeachTrip458.jpg

This is an acorn bed that was found under an old chicken coop and restored as good as they could. It still has original whitewash on it. Both bedrooms have handmade beds with rope holding up the feather mattresses. The tools on the bed were used to beat out the lumps and smooth the bed back out in the morning. This room had a baby cradle next to the bed.

 photo BeachTrip460.jpg

A close up of the acorn design carved into the bedposts.

 photo BeachTrip461.jpg

This bed has a trundle underneath it to pull at night for the kids.

 photo BeachTrip459.jpg

Child's toybox and a few wooden toys.

 photo BeachTrip463.jpg

Fireplace in a bedroom

 photo BeachTrip462.jpg

We also toured a small museum next door full of all kinds of treasures! I love this old sewing machine, I can just imagine the beautiful things that were sewn with it. I love the shape of the treadle too, most are just square.

 photo BeachTrip465.jpg

An old loom

 photo BeachTrip464.jpg

An old potty chair and high chair. More cute cast iron on the shelf to the right including a heart shaped waffle iron!

 photo BeachTrip466.jpg

I wish I had taken more pictures last time, but hopefully we can visit again next year when they reopen!

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