Friday, October 4, 2013

Cookie Stacking Contest

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Do you have a kids event or birthday party coming up? My kids got to participate in a cookie stacking contest last weekend at an Autumn Festival and oh did they have fun! It was such an easy and inexpensive thing to set up, and every kid plus a few adults had a blast doing it.

All you need is a large level table, a few packages of inexpensive flat cookies, and a bunch of people who wanna have fun! If you have a lot of different ages you can divide them into groups by age. Prizes make any contest more fun as well. Set a timer or use the stopwatch on your phone for 2-3 minutes. Everyone starts stacking cookies and tries to build the tallest tower they can!

This isnt as easy as it sounds, they topple pretty easily! Building with Legos surely pays off in this kind of contest!

The one caveat of the contest we participated in was there weren't nearly enough cookies to go around. So be sure to have more than you think you will need so everyone has the best chances of winning without running short of building materials.

My son won 1st place in his age category last weekend. The prize was a blue ribbon and $20.00! He was one super happy kiddo!!!

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Because this was a public event with many many hands all over those cookies I didn't let the kids eat them after it was over, (Im such a mean mama!) but at a birthday party at home I might.  We can always feed em to our piggies too, kids love feeding animals!

You can always do this with inedible materials too if you have kids with allergies etc.

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