Friday, April 4, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ April 4th 2014

The Pebble Pond

 Compared to other weeks lately this one has been rather ordinary. Praise the Lord for ordinary!

1. My husband is getting a second Saturday off in a row tomorrow. That's almost unheard of!We are going to try and get our tractor over to the house to plow the garden up. Its almost that time! WOOHOO!

2. Our cow is afraid of me, any woman or child really. I think she only ever saw men before coming here. But I got to milk her a little this week. My husband had to get her in the barn and start it but then I was able to a little.

3. I got a letter in the mail from Hewlett Packard saying I never cashed my rebate check of $30.00 and I needed to send back a paper signed that I never received or cashed it. I slightly remember there being a rebate when I bought my first laptop years ago. Come to think of it I dont remember ever getting that either. OK Ill take $30.00!

4. My going out of business sale is going pretty well. I started the clearance on March 1st. At that point there was so much fabric I could barely walk in the room. Theres a nice big pathway now. Still a long way to go but I can see progress and Im happy! If you would like to check out my sale, especially if you are a cloth diaper user, then go on over to Diapercuts and see if there is anything you need.

5. I have been seeing a lot of whining about laundry on facebook lately. Although no one loves it Im sure, Id much rather do laundry all day long than dishes. Anybody wanna trade?

Have a blessed week friends!

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