Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Day FAIL

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I am done with April Fool's Day joke attempts. No matter what I try it always goes wrong!

A few years ago I googled "April fools day pranks" and found one to change your birthday on facebook to April 1st and then see how any people wish you a happy birthday. Well, that was a fail. First of all, if you change your birthday that day, no one gets a notification. Guess you had to do it days before? Then when I went to change it back again, it wouldn't let me. FAIL. So if you ever wonder why my birthday isn't on my profile on facebook, there's your answer.

Are you laughing yet? Im not done.....

Today I was determined to get my husband. I am the butt of all his jokes and he is constantly laughing at me. Today I wanted to laugh at him. I realllllly wanted to!

I couldn't think of a single thing to try, so I casually walked into his room, looked him in the eye, and told him I was pregnant. (Don't get excited, I'm not.) He didn't even blink, just said YEAH RIGHT and went back to playing his computer game.

I pressed on.

"Well, I just said that to see what you would say. I did kinda spend some money yesterday."

His eyebrows raise, "What did you buy? How much?"

"I found an old volkswagon bus on craigslist in running condition, It was only $3,900! I couldnt resist!!"

No reaction. "Well I guess Ill work some overtime."

Grrrr. So I gave up. He went to work, another year of possible fun for me down the drain.

But then I remembered a cute little prank a friend pulled on her grandkids last year involving brownies. They looked sort of like these....

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Get it?? Brown E's!

So I arrange them on a plate, put plastic wrap over them, text my husband and tell him Im bringing him brownies for his break at work. Yes! Im finally going to get to laugh! Oh its so simple, I was thinking too hard!

Now just because I love him, we did make real brownies, and I brought those too but I slipped them under his seat so he wouldn't see them before he saw the prank. I went out to where he works a few minutes before his break time (9:10 PM) but he was parked where he would see my van. I parked in the next parking lot over, and walked back to his jeep.

I started to hide behind a bush nearby, but since it was dark I didnt want to freak anyone out if they saw me, so I just stood behind his jeep and was going to duck down when he came out.

But he didnt come out. WHAT??? Oh come on, why isnt he coming out??? It is then that I realize I forgot my cell phone at home, it was charging. DANGIT! I was about to just go back home when a security guard walks up to me and starts questioning me about why Im hiding behind a vehicle in the parking lot.

Oh boy....

I explain the situation, he tells me the company had a bunch of brownie trays out for everyone today. So I tell him mine are special brownies. Bad choice of words! I end up showing the letters to him and he gets it, laughs, and says he will send my husband out.

Well this spoils it for me really because I didnt want him knowing I was there. But whatever, at least I didnt get arrested!

And so, I get laughed at again.

I guess that is to be my lot in life, so I thought I would share with you and give you a laugh as well.

Happy April Fool's Day!

Did you get to pull a prank that worked? Please comment and share it with me!

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