Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TOS Travel Kits ~ A Simple Way to Bless Others

Travel Kits ~ A Simple Way to Bless Others

This 93 page idea filled E-book can be purchased from The Old Schoolhouse Store for $12.45 and is perfect for all ages.

It was written by Donna Rees, a writer and managing editor for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Have you ever gone on a trip with kids, even a short one? Kids love having something to do while riding in the car!  We have a trip coming up next month, with 4 of our children ages 7, 6, 4, and 1, that will be around 8 hours, so boy am I glad to have this E-book!

This E-book is about making up travel kits, to use for your own family or to give away to another family to bless them. What a lovely idea! It gives lots of suggestions that I had never really thought of before, and after 8 kids I have had to think of a LOT of ways to keep kids occupied over the years!

The ebook is 93 pages long, full of great ideas! But don't let the size intimidate you, the first chapter gives a full overview of the books contents. You get the basic ideas by reading this chapter, then you can dive in and read the other areas to give yourself inspiration for creating the perfect travel kits for your family or for another family. There is even a section on blessing grandparents or other relatives who do not have children with a travel kit. Even Moms and Dads!

One idea I especially loved was giving a travel size aqua doodle, my kids LOVE their big floor sized aqua doodle. I didn't know they made these! I will be using the ideas from this book for many many years.  I plan on wrapping up small gifts and snacks for the kids to open every hour of the trip, so they have something to look forward to. And I will have some set aside for the trip back home also. I believe my most favorite idea was to fill one of  those little weekly medicine boxes with little snacks for the kids to open and discover. Donna is right, little kids do love opening up the little compartments! We currently use these to store the girl's hairbows and earrings, and they do love going through and picking out what they want to wear each day.

At the end of the ebook are some great bonus features, such as tips on snacks and drinks in the car, recipes, preparing your vehicle for a trip, etc. There are tips sent in from TOS readers, and lists of great books to read divided by age.

There are also links to each state's website so you can order maps or other materials for your trip in advance! I have already ordered some things for our upcoming trip next month. :0) I highly recommend this E-book for anyone who would like to bless others with travel kits, or travel themselves!

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Disclaimer---I received this product free of charge to review as a part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, and no other compensation was given.


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  2. I'm stopping by from the TOs crew. I enjoyed reviewing this one, too!


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