Friday, October 15, 2010

Soli Deo Gloria Resources ~ Map Skills

Map Skills ~ By Kim Kargbo ~ Published by Soli Deo Gloria Resources

Website ~

Price ~ $11.50 E-Book version - $14.00 Print Version

Age Range ~ K-6th grade

This E-Book was a nice little introduction to using maps for my 3 homeschoolers. They all fit in the age ranges intended for this product, so it was nice to be able to have them do the activities together. Some of the activities listed required the use of extra resources not included in the unit study itself, you can see that list here. This was disappointing to me, because we did not have access to the workbooks and some of those resources without ordering them. We just had to use what we did have available and do what we could with the unit study. I do not feel that it was a complete unit study because we didn't have the extras, but it was a good addition to the Adventures in My Fathers World curriculum we are using this year. There was still plenty to do, but I wouldn't consider it a complete study because of the extra resources needed to complete it. You see a sample of the E-Book here to get an idea of some of the daily activities.

One game the kids liked was directional Simon Says. We watched the sun rise several times over the summer so they knew which way was east (toward the garden). We used objects in the yard to mark north (our van), south (a tree), and west (the house). We took turns being "Simon" and we would say SIMON SAYS TAKE 4 STEPS WEST, etc and we would try to do it right. Even I messed up a few times! It was good learning fun though.

The kids also enjoyed making a map of the neighborhood. Then they pretended they were a stranger looking for some place and would stop and ask directions. A castle had to be added so the princesses of the family could find their way home! The cow field also became a grazing ground for unicorns :0) Yeah, they LOVE drawing most anything and maps are the IN THING right now!

I personally enjoyed the bible parts of the study. A lot of the questions were too advanced for my kids' ages, so I adjusted that part for them a bit, and we did it orally instead of writing the answers. The 6 and 7 year old liked writing the verses, they have always liked copywork as long as it isn't too much. I was glad the answers to the questions were there, some of them I didn't know myself! I always enjoy learning along with the kids.

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Disclaimer ~ I received this product as a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew in exchange for an honest review. The opinions given here are my own based on using the product in our homeschool, and was not influenced by the company being reviewed, or the fact that I received the product for free.

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