Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Master Innovations ~ Master Clock

Our family was blessed recently with the opportunity to try out the Master Clock from Master Innovations. It came at the perfect time too, we had just begun to learn time telling the week before. The kids loved playing with the clock when it arrived, it got knocked down the stairs and I panicked, but it is such a well made product it didn't even hurt it. That's a big plus in this house! The master clock has clear plastic overlays for seconds, minutes, and hours. It also has a digital clock at the top. (The workbook contains both digital and analog clock activities. ) The clock hands are removable if you would like to work on one concept at a time. The second hand was very confusing to my kids at first so we removed it until they better understood the hour and minute hand functions. Each hand is a different color to help the child differentiate between them. The workbook pages were not time consuming to complete, but very thorough in my opinion. Lessons do not need to be long to grasp the concepts. We did about 10-15 minutes a day, it was a nice transitional activity.  One workbook is all you will ever need! The 100 page workbook provides pages for beginners all the way to a 5th grade level.

The kids have really enjoyed learning with the Master Clock, any product that makes learning fun is a big winner in our homeschool! I highly recommend it for any kids out there who struggle with time telling or who have not yet learned how to tell time. It is a real bargain at just $14.99 for the clock and $15.95 for the workbook that covers K-5th grade levels!

There is a short demonstration of the Master Clock here in this VIDEO

Other products available from Master Innovations include The Master Ruler, Master Fractions, Master Angles, and an educational poster all about The Marvels of Measurement.

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Disclaimer ~ As part of the TOS Crew we received Master Clock for free in exchange for an honest review of the product after using it in our homeschool. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sending company.

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