Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids

The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids is a MUST HAVE for every Christian library! Whether it be for your home, your church, your Sunday school classroom, or homeschool, you will find this book so informative and be able to answer some of those never ending questions kids come up with. Not all, but some!

You can use this book along with any bible study, or curriculum. My kids and I also enjoyed just sitting and browsing through it, reading about different things at random. The pictures include realistic illustrations, actual photographs, and maps.  The pictures are so nice, such great detail! The pictures alone can capture your interest, imagine what depth and visual memory this can add to your bible studies with your children! This sturdy 11x8 1/2"  hardback book will last for many years.

The book  features.....

750 Essential Bible Words ~ Kid Friendly Definitions ~ Pronunciation System ~ Alternative Spellings for words from the King James Version ~ 500 full color photos, illustrations, reconstructions, and maps!

Some of the special features included are...

Names of God ~ 12 Apostles ~ 10 Plagues on Egypt ~ Jewish Feasts and Festivals ~ Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus ~ Names of Jesus ~ Parables of Jesus ~ Plants of the Bible ~ Animals of the Bible ~ Foods of the Bible ~ Musical Instruments of the Bible ~ Armor of a Roman Soldier

The kids discovered their older sisters' name inside, and started searching for other names. They found 3 of their brothers' names, and a variation of my name too. On page 184 there is a definition and a picture of a baby in swaddling clothes. My 6 year old daughter had an AHA moment when she saw that. She had never known what that meant when she heard the Christmas story. They also got excited about seeing a picture of a real scroll. Last year we made scrolls from wooden dowels to preserve their best handwriting, but they weren't nearly as pretty as the ones shown! I was pretty pleased by how many things they remembered reading about or hearing about before, and made the connection with the pictures.

It would make a very nice gift for any child, or family. I know a Sunday school teacher would really appreciate this book to use in her class as well. You can download a PDF sampler by clicking here!


Price: $14.99

Age Range: 5-10 years (although I am far beyond that and I found it very interesting!)

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Disclaimer ~ We received this book for free in exchange for an honest review after using it in our homeschool. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. My kids (and I) have really enjoyed our copy of this book as well. It is a keeper for sure.

    I really enjoy reading your rhyme on your signature on the forum :) I'm a mom to almost 10, and a Nana to 9. Having a bunch of kids is great...having grandkids is awesome!! Especially when some of them are the same age as the kids. lol


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