Friday, October 21, 2011

Say Anything ~ Family Edition

Looking for a fun family night game that will keep you laughing?  Say Anything ~ Family Edition is that game!

Earlier this week I wrote a review about another great family night game, Wits and Wagers Family, also available from North Star Games. We have loved both games!

Say Anything ~ Family Edition was designed for 3-6 players ages 8 and up. The reason for the age recommendation  is because the game involves writing out answers. Each player has a small dry erase board to write their answer on. Players take turns being the "judge" and get to pick which answer they like best after asking a question from the card deck. Players can literally SAY ANYTHING for their answer, and the results can be hilarious!

I had the most fun playing this game with my teenagers, and after just one game we knew this was the game we would be bringing along for Thanksgiving this year. My 17 year old sons favorite game is apples to apples, he thought this game was similar, but instead of using pre-printed cards in your hand to get the judge to pick your answer you get to write your own.

To add to the fun, you also get to vote on whose answer will be picked. Each person has two tokens with "meeples" on them. You can vote for your own answer, or someone elses. You earn points for having your answer picked, and also if you voted for the winning answer.

Each game averaged about 30 minutes, but you can keep on playing if you want to.

I tried playing this game with my younger kids ages 8,7, and 5. I had to modify the game and let them say their answer out loud instead of writing it. It wasn't nearly as fun as playing with the teens, but they had fun and I learned some things about them I didn't know. I had to skip some of the questions also because they didn't know what on earth I was talking about. I would recommend this game for older kids and adults for the most fun experience!

The game includes 60 question cards with 360 questions total, 6 dry erase pens and 6 dry erase boards, 1 SELECT-O-MATIC-6000 (for the judge to pick a winner), 12 meeple tokens, 1 dry erase score board, and 1 full color rule book. I love the rule book, it explains the game quickly and we were playing in just a few minutes.

Say Anything Family is available from or find a retailer near you.


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