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The Time Timer


I use timers a lot for everyday activities, especially when cooking or canning. I tried using a timer last year to try and keep the kids on task during certain parts of homeschool. I got two digital ones from the dollar tree, one for each kid. I quickly realized that they just didnt "get" the whole concept of how much time was left, so when the beeper went off, they would cry and be so frustrated. I quit using those after just two days. I tried using the timer on the kitchen stove, but it was the same. When I was offered the chance to review the Time Timer, I jumped at the chance!

What makes the Time Timer different?

The Time Timer was developed by Jan Rogers when her daughter was 4 years old. She needed a way to be able to visually see the passage of time. Take a look at the picture below, see the red part? That is how much time the timer is set for. The red disappears as time passes, kids can "see" how much time they have left. After using it a few times, they start to realize how quickly time can go by if they do not stay busy and on task. See a short video of how it works HERE.

PhotobucketThe Time Timer is available in 3 different sizes. I have the 3 inch timer, and it has been perfect for my own needs. The 3 inch timer is $30.00, the 8 inch timer is $35.00, and the 12 inch timer is $40.00.

PhotobucketYou can also purchase one in the form of a watch for $40.00. There is an app for iphone and ipad, and even a software version for use on your PC or Mac computer for $24.00.

We used the Time Timer for many different things in our homeschool, including a timed math test, I set it for quiet reading time, and we used it for playing a couple of games.  For limiting computer time I found this timer very helpful! Before, I was constantly being asked how much longer did the kid using the computer have before it was their turn. Now they can go see for themselves, and stalk the timer instead of me.

Things I love about the Time Timer.....

It's quiet! No annoying ticking sounds :0)

It has a clear cover over the front, so when my 2 year old gets hold of it it is protected from her.

The clear cover can also be swiveled around to the back to use as a stand (it stands by itself also)

You can turn off the "beep" sound when time is up if you prefer. The beep itself is not very loud to begin with, but there are times when I would rather not have it on.

I like the size (3 inches square) it makes it easy to take along if I want to. The clear cover keeps it protected while in my purse.

It uses one AA battery, and it fits in very snugly. I like this because if I drop it, or my 2 year old gets it, the battery stays in place. (Ask me how I know this!)
If I could change one thing about this timer, I would like the "beep" when the time is up to be much louder. My house is rarely quiet, and often I do not hear the beep at all even if I am in the same room.

Below is another of my favorite uses for the time timer. Now the kids don't have to ask me 100 times if the bread is ready to go in the oven yet. I set it again while it's baking, and while it's cooling. Our timer spends a lot of time in the kitchen!


There are so many uses for this timer I couldn't possibly list them all here, more uses are listed on the Time Timer website. It isn't just for homeschoolers and teachers! I honestly use it more in my kitchen than I do for school related activities.

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  1. That's cool :) Did you just get the little one or did you get all three??

  2. I have the small 3 inch one. Those bigger ones would be good for classrooms with a lot of kids so they could see it I think.


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