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Activity Bags ~ Preschool and Reading Games in a Bag


I spent a weekend making some of the activities from Preschool Activities in a Bag eBook 1 and Preschool Activities in a Bag eBook 2 from for my 3 year old daughter. This is how she starts each morning now, digging through her basket of goodies and picking one to play with while I get school started with the older kids.

E-book 1 has 34 activities and E-book 2 has 33.

You can organize a swap and share the fun with other moms of preschoolers! Most of my friends have older children so I didn't try to organize a swap, but I plan to participate in an online swap in the near future.

Get a FREE sampler with some of these activities included by filling out a short survey!

Each E-book contains complete instructions and masters to print for each game. Downloading the ebooks was quick and simple. I was able to look through both books right away and choose a few that I thought she would like. A lot of the games use materials that you already have around the house, or are inexpensive to buy. You are encouraged to substitute other items you may have for what is suggested. She enjoyed the first few bags so much that I made her quite a few more. I plan on making some to give as gifts this Christmas.


Alpha Spoons is one of her favorite bags. This one is such a cute idea, she loves telling me the sounds she knows already as she picks them up.
She can do every bag by herself and doesn't need help, but its always more fun to share with a sister! I really love how independent this makes her feel. She told me she could do it herself the very first day when I asked if she needed me.

My 6 year old enjoyed doing the activities with her when she was finished with her school for the day.

She really loves the magnetic fishing game bag and so does everyone else. This game does distract everyone in the room when she gets it out. Who can help watching a cute little girl catch colorful fish and squeal with delight every time?

We used a dowel rod we already had so her pole is longer than the recommended size. We think its more realistic since we fish with real poles in the river.


We have all enjoyed catching fish, even Daddy!

You can purchase Preschool Activities in a Bag ebook 1 and ebook 2 separately for $15.00 each or as a bundle for $27.00.



We also made activity bags for the older kids from Reading Games in a Bag ebook 1. I started out by making 2 of the games to see how they liked them. I ended up making all but two of the 20 games included in this ebook. Yep they love them that much! The reading games do not require many extra materials to make them, just a printer, paper, a laminator or contact paper, and a few buttons or pennies and a die. Colored paper is recommended, but I used plain white paper for some of the games.

We used these games to help strengthen reading skills with my 8 and 9 year olds and  to practice beginning reading skills with my 6 year old. These made great "Fun Fridays" games! They are also handy to take along to the dentist office or anywhere the kids need some entertaining while you wait.

PhotobucketBeginning, Middle, End was voted the silliest game ever! The laughs and giggles go on and on as they create silly sentences. 


The Solving Mazes Games were a hit with everyone including my 3 year old. Or is that Daddy doing the maze? Hmmm...

Nice shoe hanging out on the chair eh?
PhotobucketMy 8 and 9 year old like playing the Sound Trail Game with my 6 year old. This is great phonics  practice for her!  
Photobucket The State Abbreviations Game is the perfect way to recall the information they learned last year. (They cant cheat using the "world" wall map behind them either!)

Reading Games in a Bag ebook 1 costs $15.00. You can also coordinate a swap with this ebook but the coordinator handbook is not included, but you can download it for free.

Other E-books available from Activity Bags include Math Games in a Bag, Travel Games in a Bag, Science Experiments in a Bag, and Journals. Read reviews of these by clicking the banner below.


 Disclaimer ~ We received this product at no cost in exchange for an honest review after using it in our homeschool. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed here are my own.  Other opinions may vary. Click the banner above to read what others thought of this product.

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