Friday, March 22, 2013

Miracle Piglets!

This morning my oldest son went outside and saw strange movement in the little pen our teacup pig lives in. He was surprised to find 5 baby piglets inside!

 photo Picture007_zpsb3d79ddc.jpg

 photo Picture016_zps42d0a8b8.jpg

Now here is the strange part. We have had her for about a year now, and to our knowledge she has never even seen another pig since we got her. She ran free in the yard quite a bit last summer, but we brought a chicken tractor here to be her home last fall. So where did these little darlings come from?

 photo Picture011_zps08dc0c79.jpg

The gestational time for pigs is 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days. That would put her conception around Christmas. We are so baffled!

 photo Picture004_zpsdfb5b469.jpg

The only possibility is a pot belly pig who lives down the road. He could have visited her during the night and they could have mated through her cage. Either that or this pig should have been named Mary. LOL!

 photo 0322131411_zps0a98ce71.jpg

Either way what an incredible blessing! We had talked about possibly letting her mate this summer, who can resist cute baby piglets? We were almost afraid it might kill her though. We would have to find a mate that is her size or smaller. I guess we don't have to think about that anymore. :)


  1. How exciting! Baby animals are always fun, but surprises are even better! :)

  2. How cute!! What a neat surprise to have!

  3. Wow. Where do you live do you have wild pigs that roam? C

  4. This is hysterical!! Proof that nobody knows for sure how God works!!

  5. We have a family story about "getting preg-a-nant through the wire", when we got unexpected baby rabbits when the kids were small. Now we have another story!

  6. They are so adorable!!! Thank you for sharing. God works in mysterious ways.

  7. AWWW! How sweet...and yes, quite a mystery. LOL! :) What a blessing. Enjoy! :)

  8. I'm guessing you have feral hogs running around. You know those things are everywhere now and have become so adept at night foraging you don't see them, or even know they are there. This may not be your last set of mystery piggies. You could set up a wildlife camera and see what's roaming around while you sleep.

  9. Awwwwwwwwwwww. <3 So cute!! :D What a neat surprise! :)


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