Thursday, June 6, 2013

16 years ago today....

I woke in pain, and glanced at the clock. Exactly midnight. How cute. I had only been in bed an hour or so after having contractions for a few hours earlier only to have them stop cold just as I was ready to call my parents and tell them their grandson was on the way.

So I got up again, had a drink and walked the floors for a while. This time they didnt stop, every 5 minutes like clockwork a contraction came, but they werent overwhelming at all. I decided I had some time. I ate some cookies, and a banana, and drank some more. After all once I went into the hospital they wouldnt let you have anything. Maybe an ice chip if you were lucky and had a sympathetic nurse.

My husband suggested we call my parents now, just in case. Mom was an hour away, Dad was closer, and we had three other children sleeping upstairs. I let him call, but was still afraid the contractions would just stop again. It was his due date, what baby comes on their due date?

My Dad decided to come on over, when he got there we were ready to go to the hospital right then. Contractions were now closer than 5 minutes apart and not slowing down. Baby #4 could come more quickly, better to be safe than sorry.

We arrived at the hospital and the nurse asked me how I was feeling. I told her it wasnt time, it hadnt gotten bad enough yet. She told me every birthing room was full that night, and asked if I minded being in the hall for a little while. Sure, why not? My water hadnt even broken, it could be a while. They hooked me to a monitor and left to go check on other mothers to be.

A few minutes later she returned. The doctor wanted her to check me, see how dilated I was. I hate that, but agreed. I was watching her face, I saw her look change. She looked at me strangely and said I didnt need a labor room, I was ready to go to delivery now! WHAT?? Umm...OK!

After wheeling me into the delivery area she said she was going to break my water and he would be born very soon. Just as she left the room it happened on its own, and then I felt it, the need to puuuush.

She told me to go right ahead, and so I did. Five minutes later, at 3:20 AM, Thomas Wade entered the world! He was a big boy, almost 8 pounds, bigger than all of my others, and he was perfect.

Sixteen years later we have been through so much together. He amazes me every day. He has a love for God that I rarely see in kids his age. He is a super talented guitar player, and he uses this talent to serve God. He finished up 10th grade yesterday with honors. Next year he will be taking college level math and English courses. God has some great plans for this boy! I knew it when he was born, and when I dedicated him to the Lord as an infant. I know it now too.

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Happy Birthday Thomas! May the Lord continue to bless you every day of your life, and may you also bless others and share the love of Christ with them everywhere you go!

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Thomas and his girlfriend, Alexis
(love this girl too!)

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