Friday, June 28, 2013

Favorite Photos Friday

I take a lot of pictures, but rarely have a chance to share them. So Im going to start doing a Favorite Photos Friday! Ill post my favorite photos from the week so I don't lose them in the shuffle!

Playing dress up with a huge sock monkey
 photo 0615121829_zps996b2be2.jpg

The moon coming up at dusk
 photo 0622205208_zps17bb2e1e.jpg

Beautiful clouds
 photo 0624203623_zps6e6b0839.jpg

Skye and Curiosity snuggling
 photo 0528193227_zpsc817450e.jpg

River and the Bible school sheep
 photo 0619185736_zps492c42b0.jpg


 photo 0622203240_zpsfbf7dc9d.jpg

 photo 0622202651_zps59499131.jpg

 photo 0622202233_zpsaa511f66.jpg

 photo 0622204025_zps17a632a0.jpg

Fabric I found to make Skye a monkey quilt. Hopefully Ill finish that by next year!
 photo 0627154348_zps74f93a9e.jpg

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