Monday, July 8, 2013

Adventures in Beekeeping

Earlier this spring my husband decided he wanted to be a beekeeper. I am pretty scared of bees myself, so I don't go near them. So far the bees have been no problem. Until today.....

See all those tiny little dots in the air? That is thousands of bees...swarming!

 photo July8th001_zpsd26bc9f1.jpg

Look a little closer. Its my nightmare come to life! My whole yard sounds like a buzzing beehive, EEK! Can you see them starting to pile up on that little apple tree?

 photo July8th002_zps34ebc73f.jpg

After they all landed on the little tree, the poor thing was bowing over from the weight of the bees! My husband got out there ASAP with a new hive to try and get them back inside. A local bee expert told him they left because there wasn't enough room in the old hive after all the baby bees hatched recently.

 photo July8th003_zpse1a50d4e.jpg

He scraped the bees off with a brush and his hand. Boy is he a brave man or what? I did gather up enough courage to take these up close pictures after the bees stopped flying around so much. I still used the zoom lens though! I cant believe how many bees there were! See the hives in the background? They are still full!

 photo July8th006_zps275e5d47.jpg

Of course I had to get a video of the bees climbing back into a new hive. It was actually very cool to watch!

We wont know until tomorrow if the bees will stay in the new hive or not. We sure hope so.


  1. Oh wow, that is crazy! Yip, a very brave man indeed. So how long did it take to get them situated and into their new hive?

    1. It took about an hour for them all to climb back into the hive. So far they have stayed put too.


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