Monday, July 29, 2013

Review ~ Circle Time ~ Plan The Best Part of Your Day!

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 I had heard of Circle Time before this review, and I have to admit I thought it was something preschoolers did in daycare. Not so! Kendra Fletcher from Preschoolers and Peace has written a 33 page e-book called Circle Time ~ Plan The Best Part of Your Homeschool Day that explains it all, and it can be used with all ages. She explains how you can use Circle Time in your homeschool to help draw your family closer together and get more done in your day, including any preschoolers you may have!

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 Reading the entire e-book took me less than an hour, but the ideas and inspiration I gleaned from it was well worth the $4.99 price tag. I downloaded it in a few seconds and then sent the PDF file to my kindle for easier reading. You can read it right from your computer or print it as well. Included in the PDF file are printables to help you plan your own personalized Circle Time plan that best fits your family.

I love how Kendra explains that no two Circle Times will be the same, each family has their own needs and goals, as well as different ages to work with. Even homeschools with just one student can benefit from Kendra's wisdom and experience.

The e-book sections include...

Planning A Circle Time That Works For You
Strategies for A Peaceful Time Together
How To Get Your Kids On Board
Words of Wisdom From Other Moms
Resources, Activities & Ideas
A Final Word

The Preschoolers and Peace blog has even more ideas and posts related to Circle Time, I have enjoyed reading many of her posts and finding ideas that could work for our own schoolroom.

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 Although its summertime we have still been having light school days here. It was the perfect time to try out Circle Time with the kids. Some of the things we have done during our circle time include...

Bible Study
Learning the Books of the Bible
Reviewing our year of Geography through games
Praying together
Reviewing math facts
Reading aloud a chapter from a book
Reading picture books
Drawing together and making cards
Science experiments

When we start our regular school year this list will look different, and that is the beauty of circle time, you can make it anything you want to, there are no set rules. You dont even have to call it circle time!

If you have been desiring a way to bring your kids all together at least once a day and accomplish more by doing some subjects together I highly recommend reading Circle Time and using the ideas to build your own circle time, it really can be the best part of your homeschool day!


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