Sunday, October 27, 2013

C is for Cutest Kitten EVER!

Blogging Through the Alphabet

Meet Maisie, the cutest kitten ever. Yep, its true, I only thought I had cute kittens before. She takes the cake when it comes to cuteness however. Shes even cuter when paired up with a cute little boy.....

 photo HSReview111.jpg

...or some cute little girls...

 photo HSReview058.jpg

 photo HSReview062.jpg

 photo HSReview057.jpg

...even with a teenager! Wow that's one cute kitten!

 photo HSReview055.jpg

But here's the real test. Does she still look cute with me?

 photo HSReview113.jpg

Oh my, she gives kitten kisses! Yep, most definitely the cutest kitten ever! Now this is what you call a FLUFF post! Hehe! Have a blessed week everyone!

 photo HSReview115.jpg

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  1. Mew! Adorable. :) Even my 12 yr old son thinks it's cute.


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