Saturday, November 30, 2013

H is for Home for Thanksgiving

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H is for Home for Thanksgiving

This year I had the great blessing of being able to stay home for Thanksgiving and cook for my family and friends. We invited all of our friends and neighbors that may have spent Thanksgiving alone to come to our house. We had a total of 23 people here and it was just so wonderful! We ate,  played instruments,  sang (well I didn't, I had no voice all day because of laryngitis), played games, laughed, and took pictures.

The night before Thanksgiving I got to see my oldest son and youngest granddaughter for a little while, not long enough, but I was thankful just to see them at all. I wish they could have been here Thanksgiving Day. I could have had all 8 of my children home again and taken a picture of the entire family. I got a sweet picture of my granddaughter though...

 photo 11-30008.jpg

I had both my Mom and Dad here, and they let me take a picture of them together...

 photo 11-30036.jpg

And pictures of each of them with me...

 photo 11-30022.jpg
 photo 11-30035.jpg

The boys......
 photo 11-30016.jpg

The girls....

 photo 11-30018.jpg

Mom plays dulcimer with my friend on guitar.....

 photo 11-30021.jpg

Mom with 4 of the kids.....

 photo 11-30034.jpg

Mom with 3 more kids.....

 photo 11-30033.jpg

Dad beating us at marbles, just look at that sly grin on his face haha!

 photo 11-30038.jpg

Tommy on guitar.....

 photo 11-30024.jpg

Fiddle and dulcimer!

 photo 11-30023.jpg

My oldest daughter, Tommy, and his sweetheart girlfriend.....

 photo 11-30042.jpg

Starbaby.....just being cute as always!

 photo 11-30044.jpg

This marble game board was made by my grandpa and we used to play a lot when I was a little girl.

 photo 11-30037.jpg

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

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