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I is for Itty Bitty Doll Sized Tote Bag Tutorial

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I is for Itty Bitty Doll Sized Tote Bag Tutorial

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I am still sewing away making doll clothes and accessories for my girls and their dolls for Christmas. I am so thankful to Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns for reviving the sewing joy I used to have. I am truly enjoying sewing again, and I just know my girls are going to be thrilled on Christmas morning!

I always have these small scraps of fabric left over when sewing, too small to do much with yet too big to just throw away. (One of these days I will have to start quilting!) I had a eureka moment this evening when one of my daughters mentioned going to the library. My girls love their special library bags, I bet the dolls would love one too!


You will need.....
small fabric scraps (or recycle old clothing)
sewing machine
hand needle
thin ribbon
chalk pencil or something to mark fabric
optional tiny buttons

I started by cutting a leftover piece of fabric into a rectangle shape. I used a cotton woven, but you could use felt or a knit fabric if you don't want to worry about fraying edges. If you use a woven fabric you will need to either serge or zigzag stitch over the two smaller ends.

 photo pursetutorial001.jpg

Then fold those ends over with wrong sides facing and sew a straight seam, this will be the top of your tote bag.

 photo pursetutorial002.jpg

Now fold the piece in half longwise with the wrong sides facing, and serge or zigzag stitch up the sides.

 photo pursetutorial004.jpg

Turn right side out, and this is an important step, use a ruler to measure from each side where you want to place your straps. Mark it with a chalk pencil or mark it lightly on the inside if you don't have anything that will wash off.  I used a thin ribbon for the straps, it worked really well. I had some teeny tiny buttons so I added those to make it look decorative, but they aren't necessary. I hand sewed the straps on, it took just a few minutes. Make the straps as long or short as you like.

 photo pursetutorial005.jpg

This is what happens if you don't measure for the strap placement first. The first one is crooked. I will re-sew that one because I'm a sewing perfectionist like that.

 photo pursetutorial006.jpg

The dolls are ready to hit the library now! I'm going to fill them with tiny pretend books too. They also have matching outfits in the works to go with them. We have such well dressed dolls around here.

 photo pursetutorial007.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions just comment below.

I'm feeling generous today and I'd like to give away a doll tote to a little doll lover out there. Just enter through the Rafflecopter form below to win! The drawing will be December 13th so that it will arrive before Christmas.So enter now!

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