Friday, February 21, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ February 21st 2014

The Pebble Pond

This time last week we were buried in snow, today the sun is out and I have been spring cleaning.......with a window open!  I took full advantage of that snowstorm and got some much needed deep cleaning out done. It was great having my teenage son at home to help with all of that. Maybe by the time spring is here to stay the house will be in much better shape so I can get out and enjoy it more.

And now for my random 5 for today!

1. I have been sucking up live flies and ladybugs that are starting to come out around my windows with my vacuum cleaner. Isn't that fun! Or am I just weird like that?

2. In the fall I would closing the windows at this temperature, but today it feels GREAT! The fresh air is especially nice after all the dust Ive stirred up vacuuming around here.

3. Cats hate vacuum cleaners. {evil grin}

4. Little girls + feathers = a Mom who hates feathers but loves her vacuum cleaner.

5. A vacuum cleaner is one of the only things in life that should suck. Just sayin.

OK enough about vacuum cleaners, guess Ive been using it way too much this week. I really am thankful for that thing though! It ranks right up there with my dishwasher!!


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  1. ...And my vacuum cleaner keeps dying on me...NOT fun. ;)


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