Friday, February 28, 2014

Random 5 On Friday ~ February 28th 2014

The Pebble Pond

God is so good! Can I get an amen here? I have been witness to the power of God, and been given a taste of the depth of His love and mercy this week in so many ways. Thank you God for being the loving, caring God that you are! I do not deserve such love and yet you give it anyway. I want to be more like you!

1. One way God has shown his mercy this week was through my teenage son. He made a few bad choices recently and was facing some severe consequences because of his choices. Although I felt bad for him, I knew God was in control and that He was able to use this situation for his glory. He surely did! My teenager will now be joining us at home every day. He will be doing virtual school, and he will be in charge of educating himself since he is in 11th grade. Its a new journey for him as he has always been in public school, but it is one I know God will use to strengthen him for the future.

2. While driving home the other day I decided to go another way to clear my mind and see a bit of scenery. The road was narrow and winding, so I was driving slow. As I made one sharp turn I felt the car sliding, like I was hydroplaning, except it was sliding on gravel. I looked to the right and saw nothing but a drop off, my heart was skipping beats like crazy. Then I literally FELT the car stop sliding and go back on the road. Even though I wasn't going fast I almost slid right off that road and over a steep bank. I could picture the car just rolling down that hill. I was in tears, partially from the fear but also knowing that God didn't let that happen. Praise God!

3. My inlaws decided to come visit and stay a night with us. Even though my two nieces are in public school their parents decided to let them come too. It was a joy to see my kids playing with their cousins, sharing and laughing, and having a fun sleepover. I love the memories I have from my childhood with my cousins. I'm so thankful they had this opportunity! We usually only see them once a year, if we are lucky.

4. Our tax return came back this week and allowed us to put away the remainder of the money we needed for the down payment on our farm. This has lifted a huge worry from my husbands shoulders. We are waiting for the youngest heir to turn 18 before we can legally buy it, but we are now ready!

5. My husband bought us a new laptop with some of the leftover money. This was so needed, as our main computer will be obsolete as of April 8th. Its too old and unreliable to upgrade, and windows XP will no longer be able to update after that date. The kids can still use it till it dies, and now I have something reliable to work with. I'm using it right now!

Thank you God for blessing us in so many ways. Thank you for using us to glorify you!

Have a blessed week!


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