Friday, March 28, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ March 28th 2014

The Pebble Pond

I hate feathers. They are like the never-ending curse around here. My girls have feather boas in their play clothes box, they fall off everywhere. My chickens lose them outside all over the place and we track them in on our shoes. A feather pillow got ripped in MY room of all places and you can just imagine that mess right? So after days of cleaning up feathers I thought I had won the upper hand at last! I threw the boas away, vacuumed, swept, took out the trash. Then today I was going through a drawer of craft supplies and what did I find? Yep you guessed it. A mouse had made a little nest of them in there. But these were craft feathers in wild colors. I don't ever remember buying these?

Nothing was born on the farm this week. Im kind of surprised. My kitty is due anytime though, so Im sure next week will bring new life around here.

I downloaded a monopoly app on my kindle fire. I loathe that game, haven't played in years, but thought the kids might play it. Just for kicks I played the computer on hard mode and I won. What?

Everyone in the house but me and my husband are addicted to minecraft. Im afraid to try it out, I have too much to keep up with already, I dont need a game addiction!

I have some saddening news. We were not approved to become foster parents for my 4 grandchildren. The decision basically boils down to the fact they do not believe we can handle 9 children. If they were not my grandchildren I could agree but I know these kids, they know me. I gave birth to 8 children and at one point and time all of them lived here. Large families are not the norm anymore. We are blessed with a large farmhouse with enough room for them, my husband works hard to grow a garden, we have chickens and a milk cow. I enjoy cooking from scratch and canning. I am blessed to be home full time. But it wasn't enough. What is wrong with the system?

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